Islam The Complete Code of Life; the way of Life



What is the true purpose of my life? Where can I find the true path of salvation? Is the death end of everything or are there things beyond that? Why am I here?Every man/women ask this question to himself/herself and is in search of answers to them. Islam can give answers to these questions. If you are confused with various parties within the Islamic groups we provide you guidelines to the true path of Islam. We can go through this blog to look into these questions and we can find answers of all these chaotic questions.


Islam is a way of life. Neither is it a collection of utopian ideas nor a heap of obsolete dogmas. It is the user guide issued by the Producer for His wonderful product ‘homo sapiens’ in order to get the best of sage.More……………….


Glossary of Islamic Terms

 Many Arabic concepts have an Arabic secular meaning as well as an Islamic meaning. One example is the concept of dawah Read More…

   FOR WOMEN:Education and teaching need constant improvement in order to adapt to the changing needs of the society. In the present era the Islamic education also requires such adaptation to suit the requirements of women. In other words, we require a more women oriented educational policy.

15 Responses to Islam The Complete Code of Life; the way of Life

  1. a says:

    real discussion knowledge is behind question!

  2. salam alaikum
    how r u all my brothers ,i am new to joinig this site to sharing my feeling n view even i m little 1 for this field but trying .
    allah hafiz

  3. Share your thoughts to dear our friends about good propagation measures

    • FAISAL says:


  4. Bijay Kumar Jha says:

    Dear Sir,
    Islam is definitely a way of life. A modern religion needs to be more careful in her way of presenting herself. A religion is identified by the conduct of her followers. If it seems good, people listen to her tenets and accept her later. The real enemies of Islam have been her own extremist followers who presented Islam to the world in such a way that people rejected her from a distance without knowing her tenets. If you wan’t to spread Islam in real terms, you will have to reject the hardcore Islamicism because the holy Quran says, “Every enemy is your potential friend.”

    • BUKHARIa says:

      It is true that some extremists working in the name of Islamic federations but they are rejected by the true authority of Islamic movements with full sacred classical evidences.So it is baseless to say extremists are its own followers. Extremists may be successful to distort Islamic principles and keep others aloof from coming to the Islamic path, but the man of thought and intelligence should try to expose Islam and Extremism

  5. Bijay Kumar Jha says:

    I’m amazed to see muslims being prone to keep away with the mainstream thoughts and movements. They should come out of their cofusion to work on their religious egot. This has been unfortunate to Islam that the muslims of the non-arabic world have failed to free themselves from Arabic culture. This is what makes them unadjustible in non-arabic nations. Islamic scholars must soften the islamic tenets in association with the geo-cultural circumstances in a specific country. To this, they can learn from Indonesian muslims.

    • BUKHARIa says:

      I wonder that you are not all acquainted with the history of Islamic propagation in different parts of the world. It is the keeping of identity that you are misinterpreting as the nonadjustable nature of Muslims. Islam has its cultural identity which is not viewed as Arabic or Non Arabic. If come to Kerala’s Islamic History. Islam came to Kerala before it reached northern India and is practiced with greater devotion and with none of the sectarian bigotry it was spread in the Hindu culture that existed here. Islam is the fast growing religion in America and Europe. But as you know , misinterpretations and misconceptions are widely propagated by anti Islamic group plus some activities of extreme visionaries of some movements like Wahhabism and Iqwanism with different versions like al qaida ,Talibanism,Tabliguism and Deobandi and the like are adding this misunderstanding on Islamic teachings.

  6. Detox says:


    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Im from Malabar. Would you start a english blog refuting the claims of wahabiyya and maududiyya by quoting or scanning important points/proofs from books of the Imams ? You can contribute it bringing the proofs in refuting wahhabiyya, by the scholars of Malabar into mainstream global space whereby ahlus sunnah from different parts of the world can benefit by it, as they may not be aware or be having access to some of these significant proofs.

    • Definitely dear . you are right . it is the call of time. In shaa allah i will try my best to do it if time allows. Please help me with some scanned copies of Wahhabi Moudoodi refutation if you have

  7. Detox says:

    There are material in English that pointed out the errors of these reformist groups. For example see:

    There are also websites in English that contain important material of ahlus sunnah. For example See

    I share discussion in the forum section of the above mentioned website. You can also contribute there.

    What I had in mind is that there are still plenty of important content not available in english. You could use your fluency in multiple languages to translate important material. Moreover, there will be important proclaimations or advises or articles or fatawas by the ulema from Malabar that might have relevance in the english speaking sphere of knowledge and sharing the experience of our scholars and the revival. Translating them would be beneficial. Similarily writing biographies of important leaders of ahlus sunnah scholars alive today would be helpful and keeps us connected with them. You could set up a blog website solely to devoted to these purpose that strengthen ahlus sunnah.

    Unfortunately I would not be able to help you much in providing material in Malayalam, as I myself am a Gulf expatriate and was educated in Gulf/Dubai. I’m not strong when it comes reading Malayalam.

    Hope to hear more from you and what you think is the best way forward!


  8. Yes dear. We have one website namely Which is meant for preaching the true teachings of classical texts across the world on various current subject.

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