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It is my desire to have a long lasting and fruitful relationship with professionally managed organization which will widen my horizon as a professional, enrich my learning, experience and provide me with an environment which will tap my talents and ability to their full potential in order to have a bright future and outstanding career. I write this seeking an appointment of Freelance Translator where my extensive experience will be further developed and utilized. I would like to express my moderate rate of translation as 25 $ per each 250 words and a gradual increase in the case of technical toughness and subject difficulties.

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with 4 years of extensive experience across the areas Public Relation Officer, Translator, Head of the research and analysis and teacher in comparative linguistics at college level. I have good command in Arabic and English translating, typing, documenting, MS Office, internet, and blogging. I am an employee who is able to develop and achieve targets. I have the experience of 10 years in multilingual handlings. I have completed my 10 years course of Bukhari Da’wa College in Arabic Language and classical literature. At the same time I hold Masters Degree in English language and Literature. I have strong abilities to read and comprehend the simple or complex instructions and short correspondence, and memos, to write and type correspondence and to effectively present them in one on one small group situations to the general public and other employees of the organization. So I am confident that I have excellent organizational and follow-up skills and can pay extra attention to detail.

As you will see from my Curriculum Vitae, I am currently working for Safari Group of Companies ( /) as TRANSLATOR CUM PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER. In my present position I am responsible for managing all company documents and monthly flyer work which are meant for translating from Arabic to English and vice versa. I have to work as a secretary closely with the Administration Department for solving multilingual, managerial or organizational problems and have been able to quickly identify problems on account of bilingual and legal predicaments before admin department, cabin of Managing director, General Manager or any other divisions and departments in the group of companies.

With my proven ability to translate legal, commercial and economic texts, different banking documents circulated at banks and researches and theses, governmental and non-governmental documents, and manage to translate all kinds of contracts and agreements (Memorandums of association, amendment contracts, distribution, agency and maintenance contracts and other different commercial contracts). I feel that I would be able to make a significant contribution to your management team. I would be grateful if you would contact me for a job of Freelance Translator.  If I am appointed in your organization I will be fully committed to offer my abilities to the maximum. For your reference I here by attach my Curriculum Vitae

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